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March 28th, 2011

Project Reflection @ 12:48 pm

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I'm going back re-reading my entire archive of messages again. I'm up to 2007 so my pace should pick up in a bit.

But I'm having lots of random realizations.

Outside of some argumentative points about how Ranma 1/2 fanfic pairings work, and some technical points about Haruka/Michiru actually being in the show, and therefore undeniable, the first 'yuri' pairing I actually supported was Mimi/Sora. Or Mimi->?Sora the way DA02 ends.

Mind you, this is before I realized that Butterfly is the better title sequence. Before I decided to watch the series over in Japanese. Before it was pointed out that DA02 was more of a crime then I remembered. Before I randomly started nostalgically missing the 'Hey Digimon' battle theme.
I was still into fanfics mind you, I started that back in 96'. But the first actual girl-girl pairing I approved of beyond cannon was Mimi/Sora.

... Cause you know, episode 25 centering on Mimi dreaming/not dreaming about her TOTALLY HELPED right?

After that Rei/Usagi was easy, but then slippery slope probably kicked in.

March 25th, 2011

Goat Anime @ 12:51 pm

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... Would be more socially acceptable then admitting to watching My Little Pony.

Power Rangers Samurai is picking up, but it's still sucking. They need to make the characters more human, and less... 6 year olds in 20 year old bodies.

If you like goat anime, or only made it through the pilot episode http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/03/story-memories-of-those-friends-whove.html is actually a really good read. And that's all I have to say about that particular series.

http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/14315189/ - The fine country of Assholia. The description on the archive is as follows:
Welcome to Assholia. A simultaneously frozen, boiling, bleeding, muddy mountainous country with ticks the size of dinner plates, cranium rats the size of St. Bernards, spider-bear hybrids, and poisonous ground water. A place where the Cazadore is the lowest creature on the food chain. It has one export: Pleas for help. It has one import: Idiots. And now a civilization of bare-chested rapists are trying to invade it in their millions for its women, who are reputedly very fertile. It's like a trainwreck in slow motion, but with more giant ticks.

March 14th, 2011

Waverly @ 11:34 pm

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Yeah, I follow that one too.

Now, I'm going to stay away from the points I have that hinge on certain female characters and their co-dependent relationship. Because I do, but I'll digress. (Even if Harper is a clear parallel to Sabrina's Harvey)

My issue tonight is that I believe that Harper should be eligible to become the Russo family wizard, and would be the best candidate for the position.

Why? The Russo's family from the first season expect to have Harper in their lives forever (to the point where the parents expect Harper to be the child who takes care of them in their old age). Not only is this clearly more interaction then even Harper's parents give her, they progress to getting her to move in with them without even the slightest bit of thought.

Harper's birth parents have been called dysfunctional. I've been in a dysfunctional family. The Al Bundy? That's dysfunction. Harper's parents are emotionally abusive, and that relates to the fact they rarely appear on screen. Harper was broken well before Alex got to her, and it's notable that Alex's innate evil allows Harper some potential for happiness.

As for why she's the best candidate, look at the wizardry world. Justin and his father are hyper competent, studious, and rather boring. It seems that magic is in the universe, and it wants to be chaotic and abused. The slightest spell has huge repercussions, and that's the way the universe likes it.
There's too much status in the universe as it is, and letting people like that have magic wastes a potential for good in the universe.
Alex is evil. The universe likes chaos a bit, but Alex would just use it for her own ends non stop. The world doesn't mind a little greed, but that's Alex's primary motivation.
There's a few terms in roleplaying circles to refer to characters who are too stuck on alignment charts. Lawful Stupid and Chaotic Stupid. Max is Chaotic Stupid. He does what ever he's thinking about at any given time without regards to long term effects. It gets old fast.

Harper is all of the above, and by default, balance. ^^
She's by definition chaotic. Because she is a proxy to Alex, the correct level of evil is still done, but it has to be filtered through a third party, ensuring that she doesn't go around blowing up moons that look at her funny. And in the 3 seasons so far that she's learned about it, she's gone from knowing nothing about magic, to being able to spot supernatural beings and figure out effective uses of magic even without powers of her own.

March 10th, 2011

I think I just snapped. @ 05:07 pm

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Playing pokemon white. Here's my contact info.

FC: 3439-2416-6225
Name: Veela

Though I'm playing really slow, so don't expect fast responses or anything.


I'm loving the new My Little Pony.

I'd tell you to watch the first episode, but that would just draw you into the dark spiral that is Friendship is Magic.
There's something very open about a main character who shouldn't be the main character, in other shows would not be the main character, and basing a series on her trying to understand what every other girly show assumes the viewer already knows.
The characters are so wide spread, there's going to be at least one that you like, and then eventually you'll get to the point where you don't hate any of them too openly.


Still playing EVE. EVE is awesome.

March 9th, 2011

35th Super Sentai anversary @ 10:07 pm

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What can I say. I like me some Power Rangers.
Not to mention most of my favorite seasons never got American Crossovers.


March 6th, 2011

Yeah, Just saying. @ 06:10 pm

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To all zero of you listening.

Best summary of Digimon Adventure I've seen. Relive the entire series in just under 5 minutes.
Will make no sense if you didn't watch the show religiously though. Seriously, that show had a hell of complex plotline going on.
Too bad Adventure 02 inverted it. Tamers tried to be grimdark. Frontier wanted to be sentai. Savers felt the need to simplify to the point that parts didn't make sense. Xros Wars... I pretty much have to watch from the beginning to figure out where I left off. ^^

March 3rd, 2011

PR Samurai @ 06:57 pm

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Oh, and I'm at the point where I'll say it.

Power Rangers Samurai, is worse then Turbo.
It's made me want to try to watch Overdrive again, which is just SAD.

Watching grass grow doesn't make me want to watch Operation Overdrive.
Watching Teletubbies doesn't make me want to watch Operation Overdrive.
Explosive Diarrhea and Projectile Vomiting doesn't make me want to watch Operation Overdrive.

Yet the new Power Rangers, that we're getting two seasons of, makes me want to watch Operation Overdrive.

This is way past Mystic Force. If I drink enough, Mystic Force can be kinda fun. No, they failed on levels I can't even perceive in this power rangers. What caused me to hate this series so much, it makes me want to watch my previous 'Worse Power Rangers Ever'?
The largest plot drop in four episodes was a single line from a telepathic MotD, delivered in a fashion that I would be shamed to attribute to a six year old.

Largest plot development in almost 2 hours, followed up by a fully straight face delivered, plot relevant recitation of 'Sticks and Stones'. -.-

That's some grade A bullshit right there.

Violent, sudden depression @ 06:00 pm

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Namely, while trying to figure out an interesting name for a pony character, I was looking for sayings related to critics.

I can't find good sayings for critics. All the positive sayings are for artists, telling them how to ignore critics, because a critic is just an artist that isn't good enough to do it themselves.
But... I'm only good as a critic.
Everything I ever do sucks, and I'll never amount to anything as an artist, and I'm to thin skinned to be an effective critic.

So now I'm somewhere between crying and vomiting, because... Well because.

And no one will ever read this, because I hate telling you people what I'm doing at any given time. Mostly because everything on the internet can be tracked back to origin one way or another.
No one cares, or ever will.

February 27th, 2011

Back in the saddle @ 04:39 am

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Pokemon Gen V is due out in basicly hours. I'm both psyched and terrified of what it might be like.

Power Rangers Samurai episode 4 will be on my DVR in 5 hours. I'm pretty sure it'll still be boring.

I've finally hunted down all of Power Rangers RPM. Life is good.

My Little Pony has been banned from 4chan. Probably temporarily, but still not a good sign for what is supposed to be the anything goes barrel of the internet. How else will I get my MLP flash slash fiction now?

Dan Vs is actually fairly good.

Pokemon pissed me of by stating that Satoshi was 10 years old. After it only makes sense that he'd at least be 14 or 15 by this point chronologically.

February 24th, 2011

Been a while. @ 05:33 am

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Just have to say. Even though life has been interesting, it is to note: Power Rangers Samurai, as much as I like Power Rangers, is sucking balls.

Seriously, there is more character in the first ten minutes of RPM then the first 3 episodes of Samurai.
In just the first minutes of RPM you get an idea about:

- Title Sequence: 1 minute
- Mystery Voice is helpful
- The Current State of the World
  - Current state of the world is really, really bad man.
- Black Commander Guy takes guff from no man.
- Hicks is a toady yes man
- The Scottish Guy saves people at risk to himself
- Black Commander takes no guff from even his own most basic human emotions
   - Including any grief over the loss of his sons
- Loser son survives
- White chick is crazy and saves people
- One year later
- The Wastelander protects the innocent and kicks more ass then could be considered legal on family television
- Ziggy is a loser with a heart of gold
  ( You don't know his name until the 12 minute mark, but you know he's a kind hearted loser )

Things I learned watching the first episode of Samurai:
- Ranger Green is a douchebag, and I hate him.
  - Ranger Green's Friends are bigger douchebags
- Bulk is this season's source of wisdom. Yet the series will never acknowledge his innate awesome.

Two seasons of 20 episodes is not better then One season of 32 episodes.
Especially when that 32 episode season has what appears to be 2 'filler' episodes, a making of and a clip show with notable plot advancing points, and an actually explosive 3 part finale. Where your 20 episode season starts with 3 filler episodes in a row, pissing off your established fanbase.
I won't say worse then Turbo just yet, and it's not quite as bad as Overdrive. But Samurai makes me long for the plot complexity of Ninja Storm.